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What We Do

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Coaching
  • Board Development
  • Corporate Coaching

BonVia - “The good path”. This strikes right to the core of what we believe we are here to do – help people think differently so they are able to find “the good path”.

Here's how it starts...

There is an “issue”, like a “rock in your shoe” that prevents you from walking properly. It may be a personal or organizational challenge that has you stuck.  The key is knowing which way to go, which opportunity to pursue, and how to move forward.

We begin by sitting with clients to hear their story and by asking lots of questions that help everyone to start thinking differently.  This is crucial, because we can’t always see a way forward if we feel limited to “this or that”.  We enter the world of “AND” and see what happens.

The objective is to facilitate conversations within the organization and bring out the wisdom of everyone, thinking beyond the constraints of your daily work and life.  This is what leads to effective strategic planning - the kind that actually gets implemented.

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