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Who We Are

For almost thirty years, Larry was the primary leader of Christian Publications, a retail chain of specialty bookstores that worked tirelessly to serve their customers and create value and progressive thinking for everyone that they interacted with. This included all facets of their business environment: finance, marketing, strategy, product development, and along the way he helped create an environment where store owners and vendors could come together to share ideas and build a better business model.

Since 2008, Larry has taken this experience into the consulting world. Using his ability to ask penetrating questions that get to the real heart of the issue, Larry has helped deliver leadership development and strategic planning to many individuals and organizations.

Larry Thiessen,

President & Founder

The priority is to get to the “heart of the matter”. One of the regular comments we get from our clients is that we have the ability to reach right into core of their lives and draw out what they were really passionate about. Once the passion and the real mission is discovered and visible, exciting possibilities present themselves.
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